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Thank you for stopping by Outdoor Gear Gurus. OGG was formed with the goal to become the go to hub for information and reviews on the latest and greatest adventure equipment. Formed in 2012 by a close knit group of adventurous friends as a passion project, this community has since expanded and grown into a global platform, with contributors chiming in their opinions from around the globe. 

Our mission is to make a wide variety of adventure activities become more accessible for those new to the lifestyle, and provide some in depth information for those looking to grow in their sport of choice. The idea of an inspiring adventure blog came to be when we realized we had to bounce around multiple other websites, scraping information from here and there. So we figured, why not create a focused hub for those that love to live life on the edge!? 

By focusing on promoting products we actually love and use, it is a win win situation. We get to share our passion for this lifestyle with you, and if you end up purchasing any of our reviewed products through our links, we make a small referral commission. This way we can ethically recommend the best outdoors gear based on hands on experience, and help keep the site alive and up to date with the best information by hiring real experts to provide their valuable experience.

Thank you for stopping by, but don't stay too long....get back to exploring! - The Outdoor Gear Gurus

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page" - Saint Augustine